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The Guide To Inexpensive Funerals

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Why Pre-Planning Your Funeral Matters to Your Budget

Pre-planning your budget is perhaps the simplest way to ensure your desires for how you would like your life memorialized are met. Statistics suggest more adults have unique and specific desires for their service.

For instance, in the last five years we’ve seen the interest in green, or environmentally friendly, funerals grow from 43 to 64 percent, according to Funeral and Memorial Information Council. And more adults than ever — 68 percent — are considering cremation over burial, says the same survey by Funeral and Memorial Information Council.

These details are important, and they may be difficult for your loved ones to consider if they’re making choices while grieving. Because of this, we believe pre-planning is imperative to having your wishes honored.

While it is absolutely true that pre-planning your service allows you to have a greater influence in the choices made concerning your service, there’s yet another reason we encourage our clients to consider this option: a way to save on overall funeral costs.

Pre-planning and pre-paying matters to your budget. This approach allows you to make decisions in the comfort of your own home with a clear mind. Monetary and budgeting decisions can be difficult to consider for family and friends after the loss of a loved one, but pre-planning allows these choices to be made without the influence of the grief of loss.

Additionally, the costs of traditional funeral service continue to rise. In the last ten years, we have experienced a 28.6 percent increase of the median cost of funerals in the United States, reports the National Funeral Directors Association.

Unlike pre-need insurance, Pre-Need Family Services allows families tolock in today’s funeral prices for an inexpensive funeral in Pennsylvania. These prices are guaranteed to remain the same, uninfluenced by increases in the market.

Pre-planning also provides your family with financial security when you chose to begin making comfortable monthly payments beginning at $50 per month.

How to Create a Funeral Budget

With numerous decisions to be made concerning your funeral, burial, or cremation, creating a budget for pre-planning a funeral can seem overwhelming. We encourage our customers to take their time considering what is most important to them before creating their budget. Once you feel you have settled on your vision for your service, begin to outline each category of items that will need to be included within the budget.

In 2014 the median cost of funerals was $7,181 according to the National Funeral Directors Association. Use that number as a starting place for your budget, but understand two factors:

  • There are areas where you can save money
  • There is potential for spending significantly more if you do not budget wisely

At Pre-need Family Services, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to honor the budget they have in mind. We can help you wade through the extra expenses, making clear which elements are required by law and which are more flexible. We can also help you find an affordable casket or consider the cost of cremation.

When it comes down to it, creating a budget allows you to look at each expense, line by line, and consider where you can save money and where you can eliminate an expense altogether.

Settling on a Cremation or Burial

When making decisions concerning burial or cremation options, many survivors feel unsure about their deceased family member’s wishes. Pre-need Family Services helps you consider your options now, setting in place a secure plan for how you would like to be memorialized.


When considering burial, there are generally three considerations:

  • 1) A casket
  • 2) A vault
  • 3) A memorial

A traditional casket burial requires a concrete vault, which prevents the ground of the cemetery from sinking over time. For many, their casket accounts for the largest portion of their funeral expense. In general, more people are opting out of expensive caskets made out of bronze, mahogany or copper, which can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000.

Instead, they’re choosing a more affordable wood or metal casket. At Pre-need Family Services, we have a wide range of economical and high-quality caskets to choose from. Each can be paid for in advance through a low-cost monthly payment.



More adults are considering cremation, and 22 percent of those who make this choice indicate saving money is their main concern, according to the National Funeral and Memorial Council. In general, choosing cremation over a traditional burial can help you significantly save on funeral expenses. At Pre-need family services, all of our standard cremation options are environmentally friendly, and we will help you to select the option that fits most comfortably into your budget.

In the end, we understand the choice between a traditional burial or cremation is personal one. This decision will be influenced by religious preferences, family tradition, and the wishes of loved ones. Ultimately, we encourage all of our clients to make this decision in advance because it can be an emotional and difficult for survivors after a loved one passes away.

Planning Your Service

Although more adults are considering options other than a traditional burial, the majority still feel a memorial service is important. In fact, only 14 percent of individuals who selected cremation as their preference indicated they would not like a ceremony as well. Typically, ceremonies are chosen because they are helpful to survivors as they grieve the loss of a loved one, and they honor the deceased and the value of their life.

There are many details, big and small, to consider as you begin to plan your funeral service. There are many questions we encourage our clients to ponder, including:

  • Would I like a service in a funeral home, church, or in my home?
  • Would I prefer a memorial service after cremation or burial?
  • Would I prefer a graveside service over a service in a church or funeral home? Or would I like a graveside service following a traditional service in a church or funeral home?

These decisions are simply the tip of the iceberg. Once your general decisions have been made, we can assist you in choosing every detail there is to consider. For instance, we can help you select a location and the person you would prefer to officiate your service. We will help you plan the timeline of the funeral, including who will deliver eulogies, who will serve as pallbearers, and who will offer a prayer or a poem in your honor.

Ultimately, the more decisions you make now, the more you can ease the stress of the loved ones executing your funeral. Because of this, Pre-need Family Services will work with you to make the decision-making process as simple and comfortable as possible. We strive to assist our clients in working the preferences into their budget, leaving no loose ends undone.


Taking Special Considerations Into Account

The last thing we encourage our clients to consider is any special requests they may have for their memorial or funeral services. These details are important to take into account now. Choosing to pre-plan and pre-pay is way to ensure your wishes are honored.

Why Pre-Plan?

In 2015, when the Funeral and Memorial Information Council surveyed adults over the age of 40 regarding their concerns about their own funeral, 69 percent of respondents shared that they would like to pre-arrange their service.

Even so, only 17 percent of these respondents had made any concrete arrangements for their funeral despite their wishes to have a plan in place long before they pass away.

In light of these statistics, it seems that even though the majority of adults over 40 believe pre-arranging their funeral service would reduce or eliminate stress for the family and friends they leave behind, most adults are not following through or taking steps to ease that burden.


Reasons for Neglected Pre-Planned Funerals

Individuals put off pre-arranging funerals for a variety of reasons:

  • The subject of your own funeral may be a difficult one to approach. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable about the topic, or your loved ones feel distressed by talking about your funeral plans in detail. The truth is, no one likes to have discussions concerning death, burial, or funerals.
  • Many individuals are under the impression that preplanning a funeral can be financially burdensome. Some adults may be postponing their pre-funeral arrangements because they’re unsure they can afford the cost or unsure of how they’ll fund the expense.
  • The details of the process may be overwhelming. Perhaps you’re unsure of where to begin or how to ensure no details are missed.

The Benefits of Getting Help from a Pre-Planning Funeral Professional

We founded Pre-Need Family Services with the precise goal of providing affordable funeral planning in Pennsylvania in a way that would ease those worries. We have created a simple, sensitive, and cost effective approach to what we do.

Our hope is to act as friend, simplifying the processes of planning the funeral through a step-by-step approach. We also work to eliminate some of the worry and negative emotions associated with the funeral planning process with affordable burial and cremation options and a gentle approach to more sensitive decisions.

One way we have done this is by creating this succinct pre-planning a funeral guide. There are many details to consider, but there are also many ways you can decrease your budget through more affordable options or eliminating certain details altogether. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about pre-planning a funeral that will be kind to your budget, including:

  • Why pre-planning your own funeral matters to your budget
  • How to create a funeral budget
  • How to settle between cremation or burial and how each of these choices will affect your cost
  • How to plan your service, how to select meaningful personal touches, and how to plan for your unique preferences
  • How to finance your funeral through a pre-payment plan
  • Why putting your financial and estate matters in order now will matter to the loved ones you leave behind

At Pre-Need Family Services, we are happy to work closely with you to plan any special requests you may have.

Finance Your Funeral with a Pre-payment Plan

Many people only become aware of the cost of a funeral once they are faced with paying for the service of a loved one. If you are reading this pre-planning funeral guide, you probably want to avoid the stress of a high cost funeral for your friends and family.

Pre-Need Family Services was created to address this concern. We work hand-in-hand with you and your loved ones to ensure your wishes are honored within your budget. Additionally, we help you to set up a comfortable monthly payment, with many beginning as low as $50 per month.

Currently, we offer our clients a $500 savings, which is a significant help to begin paying for your service. When you choose to pre-pay your services, you choose to relieve the people you love of the financial burden of honoring your life.

Put Your Financial and Estate Matters in Order

After a funeral service, there are many estate, financial, and administrative tasks that must be completed. We encourage all of our clients to begin putting their financial and estate matters in order for their loved ones.

During the time of grieving, these task can be overwhelming and significantly burdensome for your loved ones. Ease their load by making decisions now, working with a lawyer to outline your will along with wishes for your estate.


Pre-Need Family Services exists to help ensure your wishes are met for your funeral service. Our clients find their minds are at ease knowing they will not leave their loved ones with a significant financial burden and countless other decisions.

From the start, we work with you to create a reasonable budget, outlining each detail line by line. Then, we provide you with the information you will need to choose between burial or cremation. Next, we assist you as you plan out the details, both big and small, for your funeral, burial, or cremation, always taking special considerations into account. Lastly, we ease the financial burden of your service with a comfortable payment plan. Our monthly plans begin as low as $50, and we offer a $500 savings when you choose to work with us.

At Pre-Need Family Services, we like to think of ourselves as friends helping friends make important and emotional decisions about their future. To learn more about planning an inexpensive funeral, developing a pre-planning funeral checklist, and how our services at Pre-Need Family Services can help you save on your funeral budget, click here or call 717.394.2326.