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When a loved one passes, the emotional toll can be great. You can ease the pain by planning your final arrangements in advance.

With Pre-Need Family Services, you give your loved ones what they really need at the time of your passing: the peace of mind knowing your final resting is what you want. When you preplan your funeral arrangements, your loved ones will find comfort in knowing they have fulfilled your wishes. You take away the pain of having to make decisions and the fear of not making the right ones. They can focus on what is most important — celebrating your life and moving through grief.

How We Can Help

Have you ever wondered, should I preplan my own funeral? The answer is yes. By preplanning your final arrangements, you’ll save your loved ones both money and heartache. Pre-Need Family Services helps you make practical decisions now, so your family isn’t pressured into overspending later.

  • “You have a wonderful package to offer. We were all very impressed with the details. We think you have fallen from heaven, sparing us the anxieties we would have felt without any known plan in advance.”

    The family of John H.
    Lancaster 2013
  • We will assist you in making pre-planned funeral arrangements at a time and place where you are most comfortable. Pre-Need Family Services can help give you the ability to prevent unnecessary stress-filled decisions for your family and save hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars.

    Please do not force people you love to make decisions that you already know they may not be able to afford. We can provide you affordable burial and cremation services as we’ve done for thousands of other families over the past 25 years…


    The fact that you are even reading this indicates some things we know to be true:

    Of course you love your family.

    At Pre-Need Family Services, we love our families too, because they are just like yours. We know you want to protect them well into the future, which is why you want to preplan your funeral arrangements. Getting the process started is easy with our help. Give us a call, and we can guide you through your preplan funeral arrangements.

    All it takes is a quick phone call, and you will learn how the best pre-planning company in Pennsylvania for over a quarter of a century can help you with affordable burial and cremation plans. Preplan your own funeral today and help your most loved ones years down the road. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

    Of course you want emotional security for your family.

    When your family goes through the heartache of losing a loved one, you want to support them. The best way to give them the emotional security they need is to take the pressure of final decisions off their shoulders. Instead of leaving your loved ones questioning what you would want, you can pre-plan your final resting decisions. With Pre-Need Family Services on your side, the process is simple.

    We are the oldest and best, exclusive, pre-planning specialists in the state of Pennsylvania. Pre-Need Family Services has developed the best pre-paid funeral options in the state of Pennsylvania. For over 25 years, no one has done it better. Give Pre-Need Family Services the opportunity to help guide your family through these rough waters. Contact us today for the emotional security that your family deserves.

    Of course you want financial comfort for your family.

    Whether you choose a burial or cremation, the costs can be more than your family can comfortably shoulder. When you pre-plan your funeral, you can pay in advance to ensure the financial comfort of your family. With our affordable preplanning services, you can save your family considerable money — money that would be better spent on building the life they want.

    No one should have to do this alone. This is not sometimes as simple as some might guess. With our help, you can plan the funeral you want, awhile saving money and ensuring financial security for your family’s future.

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    Here are some of the ways we can help you express the love we know you have.

    • Pre-Need Family Services helps eliminate all guesswork
    • Pre-Need Family Services helps provide protection for any budget
    • Pre-Need Family Services guarantees your costs are locked in
    • Pre-Need Family Services proudly uses products made in the U.S.A.
    • Pre-Need Family Services places and protects your money in an Irrevocable Trust

    Without a plan, your family goes unprotected.  Friends helping friends is important.  Let our family help your family plan for what is inevitable by calling us today.