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Is fire hot or cold?

While nobody wants to plan a funeral, the other option — leaving the hard decisions to your family — is not the best option. With Pre-Need Family Services, you can ensure your family doesn’t shoulder a financial or emotional burden in the future. They will have the peace of mind knowing your final resting is exactly as you want it, and they won’t be left with any large bills. Preplanning your cremation is the greatest last gift you can give the people you love.

Do your loved ones know what you want?

When you think about your final arrangements, you may question what is right for you. There are many factors to take into account when deciding what option is best for your family. It is almost always a mix of economic circumstances, religious beliefs, family preferences, and cultural traditions that play a role in deciding what is appropriate for any given family.

While there are a lot of smaller decisions, the biggest initial decision is what method of disposition will be chosen. Will either prepaid cremation or traditional burial be right for you? Pre-Need Family Services can help you decide what’s best for you now, so your family doesn’t have to wonder later. We can review your religious beliefs, budget and traditions to help design the right final arrangements for you and your family.

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  • “Personally, cremation is not my choice. Cremation was, however, Joe’s wish made known years ago. Your services were very much appreciated and your representative thoughtful, very helpful and compassionate. Thank you sincerely.”

    Elsie R., Wife of Joseph R.
    East Petersburg 2012
  • How can you make the decision easier on your family?


    If left to make the choice themselves, it can be difficult for survivors to choose this funeral option. Many are concerned this wouldn’t be the choice their loved one would want. This is especially the case because it is a burial option that some families may not be familiar with.

    However, we also know from our experience it is the most popular choice today. We have found it much easier for families to be comfortable with this choice if they know it was the wish of their loved one. Once you decide that cremation is your choice, you should share your decision with your loved ones. Pre-Need Family Services helps guide families into making the many decisions necessary and ensure that these decisions are secured. We can also ensure your family won’t shoulder a financial burden in the future.

    Save Money With Prepaid Cremation Plans

    Choosing between cremation and traditional burial is a personal choice. Many people choose cremation because it helps save significant amounts of money. That is provided you are not encouraged into buying expensive add-ons at the time of a loved one’s death.

    We have found a way to save your family from emotional and financial decision making, by helping you design a prepaid, pre-need cremation plan. A prepaid cremation plan helps your family by letting them know your wishes, as well as locking in the cost of your direct cremation, so prices are guaranteed to NEVER go up. All of our standard prepaid cremation plans are eco-friendly and available with no hidden costs!

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    Nevertheless, we understand and respect it is a personal decision made by an individual or family members — a decision based not only on economics, but also philosophical beliefs. Regardless of the option you select, we can help you make a plan. This plan will save your family money while also giving them peacefulness. At your passing, they will be able to focus on what is most important: dealing with their grief while celebrating your life. The emotional security that comes with not having to plan your funeral will be the greatest final gift you can give your loved ones.

    Let us show you and your loved ones the care and understanding that they deserve. To receive a free Pre-Need Family Services Family Guide, please contact us today.