Friends helping Friends


Statements from our families regarding their Pre-Need Family Services experience:

  • “Appreciated being able to make all arrangements without leaving our home. It was Fred’s choice to be cremated. At first, our son wasn’t sure he was okay with it. But knowing it’s what dad wanted made all the difference. Thank you all for your wonderful service!”

    Maryrose H., wife of Fred H.
    Lancaster 2010

    “Mom’s pink casket was definitely perfect for her! We are happy she had already selected it for herself.”

    Jeannine M., daughter of Eva L.
    Neffsville 1997

    “Thank you. Everything was handled smoothly and efficiently. We were pleased with your services.”

    John T., son of Ruth T.
    Annville 2009

    “Thank you for the courtesy and respect during this fragile time. Pre-Need Family Services was very professional and sincere. Keep up the great service. Best in Lancaster County!”

    Samantha B., daughter in law of Elizabeth B.

    “Your services made it so much easier for my family.”

    Doris L., daughter of Robert B.
    Leola 1996

    “You have a wonderful package to offer. We were all very impressed with the details. We think you have fallen from heaven, sparing us the anxieties we would have felt without any known plan in advance.”

    The family of John H.
    Lancaster 2013

    “My mother’s wise decision to choose to pre-plan for her casket years ago was a tremendous help to her family during the most stressful time of our lives. My husband and I are going to do the same to help protect our daughter when the time comes. We can’t thank Pre-Need enough for their assistance.”

    Susan P., daughter Leola C.
    Lancaster 2011

    “Many thanks to your staff for their support and considerate service on the morning of my Grandmother’s passing… it made a difficult and sad time much easier - Thanks again.”

    Cathy F., granddaughter of Frances E.
    Quarryville 1990

    “It was just like our mother to think of others, even after she’d be gone and we applaud her wisdom in having chosen you folks to help make sure all went as she wished.”

    Helen P., daughter of Adele S.
    Mount Joy 2003

    “My husband, Ralph, and I had our choice of caskets and vaults that we wanted, also took a lot of that burden off our children’s backs. We were very satisfied. Thank you.”

    Evelyn B., wife of Ralph B.
    Lancaster 2012

    “Thank you so much to all of you who made it possible for my husband’s marker to be placed with him in time for Father’s Day. I can’t tell you how happy it made me and my sons. It’s only been 4 months since we lost Ray and having the marker there on Father’s Day was a great comfort.”

    Lois W., wife of Ray W.
    Lancaster 2008

    “I certainly never thought we would need it so soon, but was so grateful we had this funeral planning completed. I was in no state to make decisions the day my wife of 62 years passed on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

    Raymond Y., husband of Lily Y.
    Hummelstown 2011

    “If people could only realize how much stress at the time of death in the family can be avoided by pre-planning, as Art and I did - before the final curtain of separation. My children were very grateful. Thank you for your many courtesies and consideration.”

    Dorothy K., wife of Arthur K.
    Elizabethtown 2009

    “I was satisfied with your services and very pleased my mother made the prepaid cremation arrangement. I would recommend pre-planning funeral plans with you folks.”

    Joyce B., daughter of Ruth K.
    Holtwood 2002

    “I was thankful everything was done ahead of time and my wife had input into the selection. The selection was more beautiful than I remembered. Thank you again.”

    John S., husband of Edith S.
    Adamstown 1997

    “It is very much appreciated what you have done in all areas. The burial costs were much lower having taken care of this ahead of time”

    Henry Y., husband of Frieda Y.
    Mount Joy 2000

    “You folks did an excellent job handling my dear husband’s direct cremation. Thanks to all. We were extremely satisfied.”

    Dorothy K., wife of George K.
    Colebrook 2009

    “Personally, cremation is not my choice. Cremation was, however, Joe’s wish made known years ago. Your services were very much appreciated and your representative thoughtful, very helpful and compassionate. Thank you sincerely.”

    Elsie R., Wife of Joseph R.
    East Petersburg 2012

    “Your staff was very helpful at my time of need. It was a very tough year, on myself and the children. The pre-need funeral planning that my wife, Barb, did helped lessen the pressure at this time.”

    Barry W., husband of Barbara W.
    Marietta 2001

    “My father died in August. He and my mother, who passed in 1995, had certain prepaid funeral services and materials arranged through Pre-Need Family Services. Our family very much appreciates the excellent services and pre-arranged funeral supplies which you provided at the deaths of our beloved mother and father.”

    Philip S., son of Edwin and Doris S.
    Millersville 2014

    “My daughters are now more prepared knowing what I will be receiving with my pre need funeral trust, which makes it much easier on them. Thanks again. It helped me an awful lot.”

    Jane M., wife of Eugene M.
    Willow Street 1999

    “Everything with our pre-need funeral planning worked out just the way it was supposed to. We were very pleased. Thank you.”

    Larry S., son of Arlene S.
    Harrisburg 2003

    “I felt good I didn’t have to arrange for that part of husband’s passing. It was great we as a family had that part of final expenses already taken care of. Thanks again.”

    Ruth S., wife of Paul S.
    Lititz 2005

    “Pre-Need Family Services! I appreciated your kindness. It means so much to have a listening ear and so much compassion. Thanks again! God bless you and your staff. I’ll surely remember you in my prayers!”

    Doris H., wife of David H.
    Bausman 1998

    “Our sons didn’t want us to do this but were pleasantly surprised that we had already paid for a casket. They were very pleased with our selection.”

    Harriett L., wife of Ray L.
    Strasburg 2010

    “Russell and I purchased cremations in 1992. When Russell passed away on New Year’s Eve, I was not myself! But after only one call to you, I felt instantly at ease. Russell’s passing was hard enough and Lord knows I had other things to do! You people just took over. I was so relieved and grateful. Everything was taken care of with efficiency and expertise. Every detail of the contract was properly handled. Your people that I dealt with directly could not have been nicer or more comforting. Even the lady from Hospice was impressed. Thank you for making my husband’s passing less stressful. I continue to be eternally grateful that we were able to take care of our wishes before hand.”

    Marie M., wife of Russell M.
    Lancaster 1993

    “The rest of the family was very relieved that all of this was taken care of. It was easier to deal with having this completed. Thank you very much.”

    Gladys M., wife of Roy M.
    New Holland 2004

    “I am very grateful Paul and I decided to do it this way and purchase Direct Cremations. It was less stressful. We had a lovely memorial service for him, and buried his ashes in the memorial gardens at COA. We heard many comments from people thinking it is the best way. I recommend it to everyone.”

    Jane W., wife of Paul W.
    Lancaster 2013

    “This was one less detail to do in pressure time. My grandfather made a wise choice in choosing Pre-Need Family Services.”

    Christopher H., Grandson of Calvin H.
    Manheim 1994

    “Just a note to say thanks for your help in making my brother’s final arrangements. Your kindness and caring meant so much to me.”

    Loretta B., sister of Lawrence G.
    Lebanon 2005

    “I was very happy with the casket and I am certain that my wife would have felt the same way if she could have seen it.”

    Marlowe L., for wife Annabelle L.
    Lancaster 2002

    “I want to thank Pre-Need for a job well done. Cremation services for my husband were handled professionally and with compassion and concern.”

    June E., wife of Westin E.
    Reading 2008

    “My children were very happy with your services. We thank you very much.”

    Marie M. wife of Frank M.
    York 2010

    “The staff did great, caring work during a difficult time for our family. We would recommend this plan highly for others.”

    Raymond W., son of Ruth W.
    Palmyra 2005

    “We were very happy with the casket we selected, it certainly proved to be as good as we thought. Your people are wonderful! Thank you.”

    June P., wife of Homer P.
    Mountville 2000

    “It was very gratifying, to know my mother picked the casket she liked (and it was beautiful). It relieved me of some of the pressure knowing that was taken care of and your staff couldn’t have been more supportive and helpful. Thank you!”

    Susan H., daughter of Rose B.
    Lancaster 2013

    “When the funeral needs are preplanned and prepaid it is easier on the family members. You don’t have to make any decisions at a difficult time.”

    Margaret M., daughter of Frances R.
    Millersville 2011

    “The casket was very beautiful. I know my husband would have liked it. I’m glad we did this pre-planning ahead of time, it saved me a lot of grief and running around.”

    Alice O., wife of Earl O.
    Lampeter 1989

    “One call is all I had to do! It was so nice to have all these needs taken care of before my husband’s death. The urn we selected is beautiful! I am so thankful we prepaid our cremation and burial plan.”

    Dorothy K., wife of John K.
    Lancaster 2014

    “We very much appreciate your extra accommodations to meet the reality of our needs in making final arrangements for our mother. The coffin was quite handsome. Mom looked beautiful and very peaceful, and the service was lovely.”

    Ann H., daughter of Irene S.
    Holtwood 2011

    “In January, my husband and I agreed that we wanted our funeral arrangements to be as simple and uncomplicated as possible. He was an Army Sergeant and we really didn’t know what would be paid for by the government. Thanks to you, we were able to get our questions answered and get all of our ducks in order. We didn’t think we would need your services so soon. Your people were so kind and helpful, even when I changed my mind and had Stan buried in Mt. Joy instead of Indiantown Gap. You were wonderful and took care of everything in style! Stan would have loved the service and that each and every one of the Pre-Need staff I spoke with thanked me for Stanley’s service to our country. That meant a lot! As a retired teacher, I’ll give you all an A+!”

    Marie C., wife of Stanley C.
    Mt. Joy 2012

    “We were very impressed with your pre-planning services. The staff was very courteous when I initially called and responded immediately to the funeral home’s request. We are interested in doing the same thing for our mother.”

    Lynette D., daughter of Harold S.
    Millersville 2012